Tin or filling?

If there are variations on the coachwork surface, we have to decide: Do we want to use tin more extensively or use the spatula. To decide that, we worked out advantages and disadvantages of the both materials and approaches and displayed it on a comparison model.

As a matter of course there are technical requirements that affect the use of the materials. In the following test though we only wanted to compare the material properties.

The test doesn’t raise claims of a statistical investigation and isn’t conducted under scientific conditions. The materials are applied on the same day and under comparable conditions and testet afterwards. The results should work out an “approximate” comparison.

We are happy to pass our experiences and we also justify our decision for on of those two approaches on this experiment.

Above you see the used materials. We will be happy to resolve questions on the telephone. If you’d like to call, it would be kind to call after 5 pm, so that we can take the time for you after the daily business.