Cable harness reconstruction for classic cars

Dealing with classic cars, there are several reasons for building the cable harness:

  • Example 1 – For rare vehicles types there’s often no standard cable harness on the market. Here you have to rebuild the cable harness following the historical model.
  • Example 2 – In the case of some classic cars the changes that were made in the years, should be retained. The given standard doesn’t conform to the customer‘s wishes.
  • Example 3 – Concerning imported cars you sometimes want to tolerate variaton to the original cable harness to assure a higher safety standard.
  • Example 4 – A high level of originality is aspired and the standart is covered with plastic mantle.

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The technical changes are supposed to be preserved.

Reconstruction of a cable harness – MB W187

The pictures above show example 2, the electronic car system was modified in the years and should be preserved like this if possible – a standard cable harness would mean a step back to originality.

Ein Amerikaner wird auf den Europäischen Standard umgerüstet

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Kabelbaumnachbau – Ford Thunderbird

Die Bilder unten zeigen Beispiel 3, die Fahrzeugelektrik wird sicherheitstechnisch aufgewertet

Originalität ist gewünscht

Für unsere eigene Pagode (230SL mit Schaltgetriebe) bauen wir den Kabelbaum selber nach, um einen höheren Originalitätsgrad zu erhalten.

Hier zeigen wir in Kürze Fotos des Kabelbaumnachbaus für unsere Pagodenrestaurierung.