The restoration of a car can carry big surprises. Experienced you can assume some of them up front, but the assurance often only comes with the opening of the problematic points, which mostly lie in the car body.

Not only the surprise factor can confront the owners with problems, also an incomplete evaluation can be a big problem.

In the beginning of the projects we take a lot of time to evualuate the cars and to understand and implement the expectation of the owners.

If you’re not sure if and how you want or need a restoration you can get to know us and get a picture of which are the problematic points, implementing the “small restoration plan”. Furthermore you get to know what we assume to be the hidden problems and what can be the complete cost estimate.

Afterwards we can work deeper into the project with you – implementing the big restoration plan.

We don’t have bigger projects that are run without a restoration plan and extensive customer consultations.